Thursday, August 7, 2014

There Goes the Neighborhood

We have been living in the RV for over a week now. We are staying about 35 miles away from our house so we make trips to that side of town regularly for various reasons. My office is also near the house so I have been going there to work every couple of days. It almost feels like we have a safety net. Don't get me wrong, we have been putting a lot of work and thought into this transition. It just feels like, until we close on the house, we have an umbilical cord that keeps us tied to our stationary lives. In a couple of days that is all going to change as we are unhooking and heading off to start our adventure.

The time we've spent here at the park on our RV has been great. We have had lots of friends and family come out to visit us. Some of them stay for a few hours, some stay the entire weekend. Our campsite is nestled next to a playground so the boys get plenty of exercise and they are making new friends every day. It's good for me and the wife too because when they start driving us crazy we can just send them to the playground for a while.
Noah and Sam playing together in their Lego tent. 
There is plenty of recreation here at the park. We have paved bike paths, mountain bike trails, a disc golf course, geocaching, a beach and activities on the weekends. We have taken advantage of all of these things at some point or another and we love having lots of options each day. Come on out and see us and we will let you pick an activity!

Evening Geocaching along the trail with the Ahrens family. 

In our downtime we have been working on various life hacks for the RV. We hung some hooks here and there, invested in some water filters and organized all of our stuff. I am really surprised with how well it has gone. I have to admit, I didn't think Jessica would be able to condense her things enough to take this trip. She has a LOT of stuff and she is a total pack rat. I gotta hand it to her though, her desire to be an adventure seeking RV mom has shined through. She might be a princess on the surface but deep down she is a badass.
Our portable washing machine
...and our clothes dryer

It seems we got out of the house just in time. We went there the other day to do a final cleaning and there are construction barrels, excavators and hard hats all over the place. They started by replacing all of the gas lines on the street which was a huge nuisance. They are currently cutting down all of the old oak trees on the street to make way for the sewer crew. It's pretty sad because these trees are 50-60 years old and they really gave the neighborhood character. After they replace the sewers they are going to completely tear up the road and repave it. If my timeline is correct, the new owner is going to be moving into the house while the road is being worked on which should prove to be a giant pain in the ass.

These pictures don't tell the whole story. Not pictured: Lazy workers on smartphones, porta potties, cement pipes and vehicles that have no apparent use that are parked sideways and blocking the road. 

The whole thing just seems like fate to me. We got an offer on the house the same day they started marking our street with flags and paint and now we are moving out just as they are changing the look and feel of our street. Years from now someone might say, "This place just hasn't been the same since the Yums left."

...and they wouldn't be exaggerating at all.

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  1. We're looking forward to seeing you down here in AZ in a little bit. This will finally make up for that aborted trip of ours down to AZ when your car had no oil in it. (make sure you put oil in your motor this time) -dave